Transcending Un-Enlightenment

Socrates left no written record of his teachings, as far as we know. His students’ words are the only way to assess his theories of knowledge or lack of, “I know nothing except the facts of my ignorance.” An apt description to characterize all that is unknown by a scholar of his stature.

Implicit within the phrase is the concept of ‘Infinity’ as the reason for the ignorance. Observation, perspective and experience, perhaps only give a partial grasp of the immense scope of what is not knowable by attributing more precision to the limitations of the physical body and human mind evoking continual questions whether from a deliberate search or from curiosity, effectively focusing attention on more queries. Mathematics attempts to quantify aspects of that which doesn’t end, starting from here and progressing into an existence that transcends physicality.

In religion, ‘Infinity’ is more closely equated to Eternity, a quality of divinity that transcends earthly understanding while encouraging its approachability. Spirituality suggests a development and refinement of the senses as a way of enabling movement towards the immeasurable, recognizing that the difference of each individual path is a function of karma and the ability to deal with a variety of challenges that will be faced.

Knowledge explores what is possible by exposing those things that are beyond its reach while simultaneously putting them within grasp if attention and creativity is applied, pushing the boundaries beyond its current limits to absorb more of the infinite, also known as the unknown.

What lies down the road will always remain uncertain until it’s reached, as the potential to evolve to another level with additional senses capable of perceiving things with different sensibilities change. In any event, the path of philosophy, religion, science and mathematics intersect at the point where attempting to understand the infinite consumes the search. Until then, “I still know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.”

The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.