The Sub-Spacial Hologram – Within Reach…

Although the Sub-Spacial Hologram sounds like a creation of Star Trek, displaced by a generation or two, in fact, it is not. Holographic images appear in three dimensions, a manipulation of the senses to perceive depth that binocular vision allows.

If the five senses could be fooled into believing that what isn’t there, is, then perhaps they can also be convinced that what is there, isn’t, using science to influence perception.

The concept of sub-space particles has encouraged thoughts of traveling to other planets and far away galaxies, made possible when Time and Space are no longer impeded by the constraints of speed.

The earliest pioneer of Astronautic Theory was Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, a highly educated Russian rocket scientist born in 1857 and who died in 1935, living most of his life in a log cabin outside of Kaluga , near Moscow. He was the first to envision machines that could work entirely outside of Earth’s atmosphere, exposed to extreme conditions such as a vacuum, extra-terrestrial radiation, and temperature variations.

Inspired by the possibility of transcending all the impediments of survival in outer space, made feasible by Tsiolkovshy’s dream, Science Fiction flourished. The sub-space warp drive, a staple of Borg technology, assimilated from numerous species, became steeped in the realm of credible possibility, just one of the achievements projected into the Twenty-Fourth Century.

Now, a Japanese experimental device, The Sub-Spacial Communications Pod, takes a step into that future, first reported by Michael Keferi of “It’s claimed that the ‘Pod’ projects a 3D character hologram for users to interact and communicate without the need of special glasses. Users can interact physically with the hologram character such as blowing air and watching the character’s clothes move as if it’s the wind.”

According to reports, the pod will come with a “Physical transfer field that allows the user to purchase specially bar-coded cards with item information to be scanned into the characters, who can also eat, get fat, teach English and even give you news.”

My Percepto Rating: Three Of Two

A- Either it exists or it doesn’t
B- Now you see it, now you don’t
C- Can something exist, if I’m not there to see it?
D- The Sub-space trans-warp coil?
E- Three Of Two