The “Absurdity” Of Curiosity

Once personal focus changes, finding an answer to whatever is sought loses its obsessiveness, frequently suggesting another path with additional questions that redefine the search. Where the quest leads, perhaps to an insight or a destination just out of reach, depends on how the concept of Infinity is interpreted.

Although physical laws are viewed as immutable, perhaps the folly of curiosity is entertaining the possibility of finding a solution for anything. The physics distinctively experienced have the potential for alteration, depending on where one is positioned in relation to everything else (perspective), a contradiction of sorts and a point often seen as a cliche, a meaning lost within the subtle difference between “a limitation” and “a boundary”.

The first is self-imposed, based on lost confidence from a forgotten dream, a consequence of habits’ causality, perpetuated by circular thinking. The latter contains a larger collective connotation such as the boundary of human comprehension, capable of being rethought as knowledge expands.

Consciousness and self-awareness, both dependent on the dynamics of the conditions perceived, exclude all else, a casualty suggesting that sentience is a milestone of growth that could be better associated relatively, a correlation rather than an exact construction. The problem is defining what it is all relative to. A dilemma without a scientific solution, divinely inspired by spiritual components, unrelated to religious rhetoric.

Contained within defined possibilities are those that stretch the imagination to reach beyond the gleaming stars, open to the very things that reason mocks, an inventive formula revealing “things” that exist hidden within and beyond the boundaries of the five senses.

Motivation and drive, the positive side of compulsion, compete with obsession for their place within the creative impulses, seen externally as pathological especially by those devoid of curiosity.

A reasonable approach might be to learn about surrounding levels of existence even if the connection remains unseen and held with uncertainty using a  sense that reveals the presence of something without necessarily knowing what its substance contains, a basis of intuition.