Destiny’s Roll Or The Husk Of Karma

At any given moment, decisions that are made can accelerate toward an unanticipated outcome, acknowledging that destiny doesn’t require predetermination, just a recognizable order suggesting one of many possibilities.

Cumulative impressions imprinted over time affect the way choice is first perceived, largely dependent on past and present circumstances.

A particular choice is usually defined by how good or bad the result feels, but consequences teach that what originally caused pain can also reflect positive and deeper understanding of what initially appeared as determined chaos based on the roll of the Die.

Experiences, interpreted through individual personalities and effected by emotion, include the progression of self-confidence and fear, a retrospective thought for parents reflecting on how their children have grappled with independence.

The pressure exerted by situations, often attracted by habitual thinking, may require quick resolution that can lead to predictable results when viewed from an external perspective as well as an objective eye, especially when procrastination appears as part of the pattern.

Denial in the face of repetitive warnings and unable to exert free will can only prolong the suffering brought on by actions born out of limited thoughts, trapped within the Husk of Karma.

Relief and new energy can be achieved when another level of thought radically changes the nature of the cycle, a circle with the potential to become a spiral, the basis of all life, leading then to inspiration and learning, fulfilling the role of destiny to shed the Husk Of Karma.