Wursest In Oregon

One day, Wursest, a burly aardvark, lost his way and found himself somewhere on the Oregon Trail. How he got there was a mystery since he never thought it odd. A nocturnal, burrowing mammal native to Africa, his closest living relative, the jumping shrew, hopped around without noticing any disappearance.

Marcel the myopic marsupial, who was passing by said in an English accent: “Blimey, your an Aard one!”
“You think?” responded Wursest, who added, “Marsupials, except for the platypus, are native only to Australia.”
“Well, I come from Paris, spent time in London at The Palace having tea with the King,” responded Marcel, adding, “and what the frack do you know?”, in a  shrewed sarcastic tone.
“There isn’t any king of England, only the Queen, HRH Elizabeth,” exclaimed Wursest who then asked, “Are all French Marsupials as myopic as you?”
“Non! Non! Non! Just those in Kebec who pronounce ‘Qu’ as a ‘K’,” exclaimed Marcel. “They just can’t seem to parlez-vous the right way.”
“And those who are left?”, snouted Wursest.
“They are the ones who know English but insist everyone speak French, with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘Qu’,” suggested Marcel.

Suddenly, the local Platypus walked by from the adjacent pond and said in a puzzled tone, “Hola, Me llamo Carlos. Como arrivan Usteds aqui?”
“No say!” they both said.