The Day Terror Preyed Upon Earth

The current climate changes occurring on the planet raise many questions as scientists meet around the world to consider not only global warming, but also the effects of global dimming.

The loss of sunlight reaching the earth (dimming) has been documented in a recent episode of Nova, the highly respected PBS series. Statistics presented on the program recorded as early as 1957 were compared to 2008 data proving the phenomenon. There is no doubt that the cumulative effect of increased particles released into the atmosphere, by products of the industrial revolution, has resulted in global dimming, which some scientists believe has masked the speed of global warming.

The shift and loss of the Arctic glaciers has been the subject of much speculation for decades, none more eloquently portrayed than 1957’s prophetic The Deadly Mantis. It was directed by Nathan Juran from a screenplay by Martin Berkeley, and starred Craig Stevens, William Hopper and Alix Talton. It was filmed in black and white and runs for 79 minutes. “A sudden geologic shift in the Arctic frees a 200-feet-long prehistoric praying mantis from a glacier in which it had become frozen alive. A United States military outpost commanded by Col. Parkman (Stevens), becomes the center for investigation after the creature destroys a transport plane.”

Putting aside disbelief of the existence of giant prehistoric Mantises, consider what you already know about this creature. It is called “praying mantis” to depict its prayer-like stance rather than the way it stalks prey. Its closest relatives are termites and cockroaches, and it waits patiently to ambush other insects. The larger species feed on small lizards, frogs, birds, snakes and rodents. A master of camouflage, it can blend into the rich green color of surrounding foliage to better capture unsuspecting victims and it’s also well known for its sexual cannibalism by biting off the head of its mate during fertilization.

Imagine having one of your very own, now made possible by Fascinations. Its World Alive Praying Mantis Kit advertised on, “It’s a fantastic way to spend some time with a Praying Mantis, in your home or a classroom. This complete Praying Mantis Kit includes a net habitat, tweezers, instruction booklet (English, Spanish, French), feeding pipette and magnifying glass. Raising your own Praying Mantis is a fascinating view into the world of insects, with their complex life cycles and fascinating social structures.”

Although the eggs are not included in the kit, ordering instructions are included. “Eggs are shipped only within the United States and between the months of December and June. Egg orders received outside that period will be held until eggs are available. Praying Mantis normally live from one spring until the next fall, or 4-6 months.” All this for a mere $16.99.

My Percepto Rating : A, B, C, D, E and more.
A- That all depends on what you plan to feed it
B- A pet canary, “Polly want a cracker?”
C- Perhaps more effective than a cat to keep the mice away
D- An unfaithful mate
E- Misbehaving children?

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