The Art Of Exploration

“The exploration of reality through Art is very complex. There is no right or wrong. There is both.”
Playwright Harold Pinter

As a creator, any combination capable of evoking an image or emotion, is unique, requiring no justification or approval to validate its existence. Whether the perception is positive or negative, subtle or overt, the reaction should be left for others to make without explanation or apology for its content. Attempting at its best, not only to provoke the audience to think but also to ideate from the perspective of the architect, hopefully tapping into some “classic exemplar” sensibility, simultaneously. A diverse reaction will, ideally, reflect the wide range of listeners whose instincts are affected by a creative insight.

On the other hand, an artist is also an observer, whose work often suggests other meanings than initially envisioned by its creator, molded by other conceptions, adding unanticipated suggestive nuances that exhorts the notion that exploration of art, as Pinter said, however defined, is beyond “right or wrong”, good or bad. Paradoxical in it’s simplicity yet complex to both the trained and untrained eye.