Everything = Anything: Why?

Nothing doesn’t mean non existent, rather the absence of “something”, which could be anything. The problem is never knowing for sure the boundaries where the limits of conceivability are since it is difficult to envision all possibilities, another way of saying “everything”.

Perhaps it is technically correct if the consistent position is: Whatever isn’t proven could exist as part of the stream of potential, the place where ideas become the basis for invention. The other way to look at it is: It doesn’t exist unless it’s proven. The conflict between both points of view surrounds the need for it to be personally substantiated before believed. However, accepting “something” as fact is predicated  within the context of the five senses.

Plausible or not, verification becomes less important when increased reliance on one’s own observations, confidently trusted with critical honesty, develops while intuiting what isn’t perceivable by those same senses. Calling it a sixth sense seems reasonable, rather than automatically assuming it as a reference to some mystical belief system, or divination.

Intuition doesn’t need elaboration, taking a chance without proof, built upon trust of one’s accumulated experience tapping into what hasn’t as yet been conceived and allows it to be believable  while recognizing that mistakes can be made.

In mathematics, the numeral 0 is the symbol to represent nothing. Yet, contained within its boundaries, is everything needed to elucidate what its perimeter contains. All else external to its border can be anything, which is also everything.