The Tattoo Sleeve

One ironic moment in life happens when parents are faced with their teenage kids wanting tattoos inked on their young limbs with unregulated paint, often made with lead and used for industrial purposes. A place to pause, evoking a distant memory. Dismayed, gazing oddly at your children saying, “And what have you been smoking?”

Tattoos and the tale they tell, a recollection of your own youth, a “frame” story not unlike The Illustrated Man, an imaginative 1951 novel by Ray Bradbury. A mosaic of unrelated experiences connected only by the narrator, whose body is tattooed with their images.

Interesting descriptions, inspired by the novelist as science fiction, but it could also have been an opportunity for you, while younger, to tell your own narrative, one of the infinite sequences called life. Visualize yourself as a mythological character, defined by your hopes and fears, visual tableaux initiated by the imagination as a statement, in symbolic form. Perhaps a Trojan warrior, Jason of the Argonauts, or possibly the seven headed hydra protecting the golden fleece. The descent of Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus, abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld, to become his queen depicted in glorious shades of red. This is an opportunity to be creative by letting your visual imagery soar in a flight of fancy to become an ink portrayal of the events that made you the person you are.

Now you or your children can do all this and more with no pain or needles, just an instant tattoo. It’s called the Tattoo Sleeve, and guess what, it comes as a pair. “They can Fool your family, amaze your friends or shock your boss with these fun novelty tattoo sleeves. Made from 100% nylon, simply slip it on for an instant and realistic looking tattoo.” The possibilities are endless, create your own design, then proudly wear it to assert your inner you. Current designs are Skull, Snake, Tiger, Eye Ball, each for £5.00 (English pounds). But why limit them? This is especially encouraging for those with an artistic flair, to explore the creative side or even impress a paramour. Easily washable, comes non lubricated.

My percepto rating: Trojan?

0- Tiny
1- small
2- normal
3- Large
4- Xtra Large