The Last Depression

Depression, when experienced at its most basic level, somehow feels justified. Often imbued with glimmers of painful truth exaggerated with feelings of things left undone by oversight or failure.

It’s a difficult emotion to understand when immersed in personal regrets. Nothing seems right as the lack of self confidence saturates everything and the pull to find a final way out becomes viable and perhaps a deserving option. An obsessive thought, based on momentary despair rather than a fair assessment of the surroundings. Resolution of hopelessness usually comes from a series of thoughts which progresses to new unanticipated possibilities, spiraling everything to another level where emotional currents still connected with previous ones, reveal different options.

Retaining objectivity under these conditions is an absurd expectation, difficult at best when thinking clearly. Perhaps the notion of attaining selflessness, a spiritual path, imparts the ability to see what really occurs without the influence of self or judgement so essential to science and philosophy.

As the basis of all self thought is imprinted by the primal perception following birth – trustabilty of the external world, usually defined by encounters with family. All successive experience is subsequently filtered from and focused by these interpretations, woven into self worth. An important consideration when criticizing children and the first place to look, as an adult, for the origin of patterns that converge resulting in depression.

Hopefully, humor, a curious thing, dispels the fog as an unanticipated thought, perhaps from left field transforms sensibilities with a touch of satire and a chuckle, by focusing attention on something else. A lighter side of distraction that is beneficial when a healthy diversion is needed.