The Hero Of Ga-Gorib

Ga-Gorib sat at the edge of a round deep chasm in the ground. A monster of indescribable proportions. Arrogant and angry, he aimed to taunt all who passed as if he had nothing better to do except seeking over-confident heroes to betray their good sense and cross the line.

Ga-Gorib would growl, “I’m so ugly, throw rocks at me and see if you can find there target.” When anyone threw a large stone, it bounced off Gar-Gorib, ricocheting back to hit them on the head as one by one they fell unconscious into the hole, down, down, down to a place not known. Never to be seen again.

One day, when Ga-Gorib was in a particularly nasty mood, two men and a young child approached the chasm:
“He is rather ugly, I must confess,” said one.
“But does he deserve to have rocks thrown at him?” responded the other.
“Here’s my sandwich, Sir,” said the boy politely extending his hand over the hole toward the monster.
“An offering for me? A true hero?” asked the ugly creature.
Ga-Gorib was so touched as he reached across the deep dark hole that he lost his balance and fell down, down, down into the hole, below the ground. His grunts never to be heard from again.