Sweating Your Way To Feeling Good

There is nothing more cleansing than dripping sweat in a steam room, although some would argue that a high colonic offers a bit more purification. Underlying muscle may sag, skeletal structure change, while aging, inevitable to everything that lives in the physical world, is most noticeable on the skin and requires unique acknowledgment and attention since it is the largest organ of the body.

Although moisturizing creams, masks (usually pastel blue, green or gray), Botox and surgical intervention can make the difference in appearance, it is the mirror that reveals the truth. Ask most women and metrosexual* men which is the most important room where they live and they will overwhelmingly answer in a resounding chorus, “the bathroom.”

Now there is yet another reason to spend hours next to the tub and septic tank, preparing to face the world. It’s The Home Steam Spa, “constructed from hi-tech fabric on a flexible frame, it can be assembled in a small space and stored away conveniently when not in use. Switch it on, sit inside and relax for all the benefits of a luxurious sauna. With a choice of timer and power settings, and double cut-off protection the Steam Spa is a safe and effective way to take advantage of the beneficial properties of steam to help you relax and unwind. Ease away tension, enjoy the benefits of improved circulation as you become cleansed and rejuvenated by steam in the comfort of your own home.” Say goodbye to all those nasty toxins produced by the stress and strain of everyday life for a mere £59.99 British Pounds as advertised in It comes with “sauna tent, steam generator and hose, carrying case, user guide, and detoxification diet plan”. Its specifications and dimensions are as follows:

Power Settings – choice of three 850W/700W/550W
Timer Settings – 30/60 minutes
Steam Generator Volume – 1.5 Litres
Tent: H 1080mm W 820mm D 820mm
Steam Generator: H 255mm Ø 185mm

Unfortunately this ad says nothing about how to get in or out of this contraption, nor does it point out that bacteria and fungal growth would require constant cleaning with the appropriate products, not to mention the dangers from elevation of blood pressure by remaining in this apparatus for longer than ten or fifteen minutes, a major caution for cardiac patients on anti-hypertensive medications.

Personally, I prefer wining the Lotto and having a steam room built next to the hot tub, the Olympic size swimming pool, workout room tennis court, and massage table in my very own mansion in Mahopec, one hour North of NYC, on the right side of the Hudson River, preferable to the Hampton’s or Westport Connecticut.

* The term Metro-sexual  is a neologism generally applied to “heterosexual men” with an obsessive concern for their appearance and /or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically attributed to gay men.

My Percepto Rating is : Hot-N-Sweaty

A- Whats a high colonic?
B- Its a lean mean Steam machine
C- Red Alert! Red Alert!
D- Read, Metro-sexually Yours, due out in bookstores 5/1/2009