Relative Reflection

Gazing at the nighttime sky reflects events the way the universe used to be. A window of what was, long gone, since it takes thousands of years for the light of the stars to reach Earth.

300px-reflectionnebulaarp750pix.jpgIf it were possible to travel to one of those distant places by moving towards the past and becoming part of it, then what would be seen from there would be our past, a reflection of a reflection, already changed from its measured image, in constant motion from instant to instant, passing through time. Nothing new, a thought conceived by many, perhaps with a “warped” drive for celestial conceptions.

If in the future a machine could be invented that could go into the past, it would only be capable of returning to the point the machine was developed. In that eventuality, the past capable of being traveled to would become the present time the invention was created, whenever that would be.

Even though a bit confusing, it has a bizarre logic, just as perceiving Space as the vortex of a cosmic black hole pulling in everything that is thought to exist by attraction, verifying the relationship between the physical pull of gravity and its correlation to time.

Einstein would probably say in broken English and a German accent with a knowing expression, “Vhhhy look so confuzed? It’s all so rrrelative to youur state of mind“.