It Happened On The Planet Of Love

“Although there are many examples of ‘matri-focal’ societies, matriarchies are hypothetical. None that exist can be found, past or present except in some insects, spiders, ants and elephants. No reason for its existence can be found other than women replacing roles of men lost to war.”
Von Bralispth

The struggle to understand the differing natures of men and women have been suggested not only by biologists but also sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and politicians. Sex effects all societal relationships, everywhere, even on Venus, the planet of love.

Putting aside disbelief for a moment, imagine Venus as an habitable planet ruled by women, a place where men have been conquered and banished to some distant moon to serve the whims of the women. This is the premise studied in Queen Of Outer Space (1958), screenplay by Charles Beaumont and directed by Edward Bernds. It starred Zsa Zsa Gabor as Talleah, a courtier under the rulership of Queen Yllana, masked to cover a disfigured face, caused by a man. It is she who as leader conquered the men with her amazon army. Talleah, yearning the love of men, plots to overthrow the Queen to restore the balance between the sexes. Gabor’s life certainly reflects the premise of the film, married nine times.

Ordinarily, the cheesy special effects, horrendous score and terrible acting alone would be enough to put this on my list of worst Science Fiction films of all time and as bad as Plan 9 from Outer Space but, it is about Venus, whose atmosphere is hot, composed of dense sulfuric acid, explosive volcanic activity and the brightest celestial body seen from Earth, aside from the moon. It is also the planet of amour et poems. Add to all this, Talleah, now Queen is a Venusian with a Hungarian accent.

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