Inventing A New Basis For Doing Everything

When riding a roller coaster, there is no way to get off until the end of the ride, unless improperly seated. Whether aristocratically rich or working class poor, personal preference about anything is inconsequential. Only two choices are possible: relax, go with the flow and become one with your seat – a zen moment, or panic with that “inner scream” for it to stop, knowing that its too late, as the uncontrollable nature of the situation deepens.

Noticeably, the train of cars encroaches slowly to the top as the first glimpse of its elevation and the coming drop dawns upon individual reality.  In a couple of seconds the decent begins, then the steep anticipated fall, accelerating as the rush of air laden with trepidation abruptly stops, cheating fate. Breathless, with thoughts clouded by the blur of colors and form, disoriented by the rapid descent, a dream sequence of terror and regret for allowing oneself to get into a situation that provokes the loss of control. It is worse than being on a plane during air turbulence in the middle of a thunderstorm, trapped in an artificially created environment, a delicately balanced enclosure maintained within the power of environments conflict as lightning and rain raging outside while passengers silently question the competency of the pilot, and whether aircraft maintenance, sustained by private companies interested in maximizing profits by outsourcing mechanic jobs, is sufficient to insure a safe landing.  Perhaps a neurotic notion more appropriately depicted in a Woody Allen film.

Now compare the above experience to the collapsing capitalistic economy as it’s foundation in free fall cracks and crumbles under its own gravity. No seat belt adequate to insure a safe descent. Once reliable institutions losing viability with each passing day. Unable to move or change the force of critical mass, accumulating quickly as every industry vies for a bailout while the government exercises its power to print money to cover everyone’s tush, a crack in political logic.

No one knows what to do as some noted economists diligently argue the meaning of corporate greed encouraged by incompetent governmental structure, while others pluck the flowering lotus sequentially saying, “It is a recession, no It is a depression, recession, depression,” over and over again until only the stem remains. Other reasonable academics say, through the hiccups of philosophical inebriation, “what we really need is some enlightened economists to come along and invent a new basis for doing everything,” as everyone raises their glass to a resounding, “Here, Here”, waiting for those creative scholars to appear.