Discovering The Fountain Of Youth

275905060c74e2.jpgYoung children often uncover the world they inhabit with curiosity, entertained by the incredible things they see, learning how it all works along the way. To them, everything is unusual and undiscovered until they notice it and recognize it. Existence without complications.

The perceptive tools to articulate the great philosophical questions that consume thoughts from an introspective search are presumed underdeveloped. All of which assumes that maturity in some way uncovers secrets not seen when cognitive skills are developing.

Perception of time, often endless when very young, speeds up as developmental stages progress, creating a sense that life is much shorter – a reasonable assumption since mortal life is limited and therefore more precious. As expectations and responsibility increase, constraints and compromise unfold, stress does as well. The inability to deal with the conflicts created by challenge can interfere with choice by encouraging procrastination, distorting the prospect for failure or success.

Dreams, all that “stuff” made possible by imagination, begin as children, ever evolving as more is absorbed, then forgotten as reason, logic and culture become part of one’s nature until something in the present triggers that “stuff” that was lost by time. Finally rediscovering that looking through the eyes of a child is the fountain of youth.