The Lighter Side Of Depression


Chosen to argue the optimistic aspects of the current financial collapse at Harvard Law School, I was hard pressed to find something positive to orate,  not knowing anything about Economics and finding the subject incredibly boring. One consolation at the very least, it would be unnecessary to go to the library for research. Enough information could be obtained from the Internet to sound scholarly and well informed at the podium. Discuss trends, be very philosophic, not too specific and answer questions well, also a good way to get elected president.

Perhaps a healthy dose of absurdity, a sound use of satire, with or without humor, maybe an analogy with a memorable cinematic masterpiece, a classic novel, or an odd situation filled with paradoxical choices, especially if the objective is to provoke thought. Whether those ideas are credible or outrageous is for the audience to decide.

Often, after having been accused of pointing out the obvious, I would respond with a twinkle in my eye and an inner smile, “it’s the obvious that becomes invisible and overlooked, camouflaged by all the other things in its constellation.” Now all I had to do was relate this to Economics, the financial collapse and find something reassuring to say about it.

I contemplated my thoughts, looking out at my fellow students and distinguished professors in the audience and said, ” Depression is never having to say your in need of an antidepressant.”