Beyond Event Horizon


There are very few subjects that evoke the same kind of emotional reactions as the final outcome. Fear of the unknown, of the potential pain and suffering lurking in the background increases as cycles pass knowing that finiteness is inevitable especially when a close shave with death forces the subject to become a source of profound thought and inspiration.

event_horizon_fractalThe question always returns to what is left when the physical is dissolved. Philosophy raises questions, structures thought, but it is still difficult to relate to a non-physical existence, an irreconcilable perception from this side of life evoking the image of a black hole from where nothing returns unchanged, let alone with memory. The hope that something does occur, if firm, trusts that some kind of order or infinite potential exists but still not allowing it to be easily envisioned from this perspective.

There are so many theological explanations that it is difficult to isolate and accept just one. They are often intertwined with culture, language and history while portraying some kind of earthly reflection of what occurs, instilled as part of early development until the time that revelation transforms belief into knowledge. Commonalities of defined divinity offer clues on at least how the accumulation of life transforms; it nevertheless leaves a conscious residue of uncertainty. This turns out to be a very difficult subject with many answers dependent on the kinds of insights that are perceived on the path that leads beyond the event horizon.

eventhorizonHow uncertainty in life is faced will help in dealing with anything with confident instinctive spirituality. The choice is whether the view of the void is feared more than the alternative of lingering with illness in an existence that has lost meaning to the one living it. That decision should not be left to others who themselves fear surrendering to the other side of life.