Eve Of Reflection

History is a look back, a reflection of what has already happened, that can rarely be interpreted objectively. The hope is to achieve a coherent, articulate understanding that makes sense. A balanced approach putting together images and events experienced into an impression, also a basis for making reasonable choices that effect the way the future will play out, recognizing that many different patterns also make sense.

Wherever the passage of time leads, its vastness is filled with infinite potential, precluding knowing precisely how events  converge to produce a particular vision. However  it may be possible to sense trends, identify habits or tendencies whether personal or cultural that can be helpful in speculating the likely path that will occur when everything necessary to happen, to make a future possible, happens.  Perhaps as long as dispassionate objectivity is maintained. Then, variations in trends that imply other milestones along a fork in the road appears out of nowhere.

Inspiration often comes out of left field, eluded by repetitive notions of solitary thinking,  blinded by the denial of reflexive habit. A flow of thoughts, only  transcended by a confident leap of faith beyond consecutive logic that elevates the stage captured in imagery to a different level.

Introspective thought, often liberating, allows individual insight  of external reality, also revealing the willingness to acknowledge the difference between what is seen and how it can be exaggerated by personal perspective, one’s relationship with observable events and a basis for honesty or self-delusion.

It can also be a trap, devoid of new insight if the same elements are the sole basis, regurgitated without new combinations as circular thinking returns to the same spot relying on tested formula.

Spiral thought, circular in nature, leads to another level where the goal is achieving productive change is  primarily   a function of absorbing different external elements into the process, allowing new solutions, usually made possible by communication. Always recognizing that the change in thinking produced by instilling different factors into the equation doesn’t determine illumination, but only increases its potential.