This Little Pond of Tactical Goo

qandpicard“This Little Pond of Goo,” is the overly simplistic description of the mix of amino acids, the building blocks that combine to form the origin of all earthly life, eloquently coined by Q in “All Good Things“, the series finale of Star Trek – The Next Generation. An oozing mix of gook dripping from Q’s hand as he conveys to a perplexed Captain Picard that it was his actions that would lead to the impending destruction of all life.

4.0.1Another analogy can apply to this descriptive portraiture, a stretch comprising the delusion of a fictional Imp or perhaps the ideas of a writer on  a satirical romp through reality’s imagination not constructed from a science fiction format. All that is needed is a clear observation to see folly reminiscent of The Little Pond of Goo in real life. A political quagmire of misinformation, ideological failure and greedy self interest for nearly eight years, waiting for history to judge the direction the leader and his crew dictated, an execution of unscrupulous ethics and unsuccessful philosophy. A predicament, moving towards the precipice, unable to stop its path toward the cliff, the only control of which is the speed of approach as a wingless bird attempts flight.

A mess of events created by the Captain in a reflection of his demise. His impending doom approaching as hope broadens with simultaneous anticipation of further potential transformation  in the time left before change, resulting in the quiet  patience within the Pond Of Goo, hoping the precipitation of new possibilities would define a better direction for a more promising future as his destructive impact begins to dissipate.

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