Surviving The Crest


Although not well versed in the Bible except the comic book and cinematic versions, to me, its words have always seemed less important than the imagery they conveyed. Parables of morality and its counter balance, immorality.

Many stories begin with an ordinary person who faces unanticipated challenges that test faith and self-confidence to inspire action or foster procrastination, either elevating them to another level or down into a fiery abyss of ignorant redundancy, perhaps evil. An example of the struggle between our dual nature.

Courage is more about acting in the presence of fear or the unknown without being paralyzed, rather than moving with certainty. Add hope and we have the basis of myth.

Tales, all of which describing a string of tests of human nature and personal morality ingrained within fundamental values, evolved individually and culturally. A Shakespeare play, ornately written with the tribulations of characters facing desperate odds or nature’s folly, also plagued with personal flaws, struggling, the hand of destiny divinely inspired to an unknown fate while providing a co-measured sense of what all people can identify with and relate in their own lives.