Parting The Red Sea

partingoftheredsea.jpgAs Moses led the Hebrews down the path revealed by the parting of the Red Sea, I wonder how the water on either side must have looked.

Perhaps the way Cecil B. DeMille depicted it in his biblical epic film: The Ten Commandments (1956). Walking briskly along the moist seabed littered with gasping fish that sacrificed their lives to point the path to cross. Looking left then right, seeing all the aquatic life floating behind the halted sea walls, alive and held in place, watching all of us passing by, also waiting for it all to be over.

Looking back, seeing the chariots of angry Egyptians following the path into the land between the water, a cloud of dust created by the moving army pressing ever closer. All held by the force and control of the sea, parted according to biblical text, by divine intervention.

wave.jpgMost caught in this situation, especially those faint of heart, would probably have feared that the water would collapse at any time and result in imminent death from its crushing force, the walls rippling its weight, towering all on the path. The sky, dark with low clouds, strong wind, thunder and lightening, blasting above by He who has no name.

Others might recognize the opportunity to transcend personal concerns and strengthen the focus of inner surrender and peace to whatever happens, especially in a chaotic situation such as this, looking forward to becoming one with the sea.

Either way, if you are in the middle of all this, chances are you have no control over the event, nor of the outcome, so why not just relax and enjoy the view, a milieu of turbulent experience while humming a somber tune or a transcendental AUM, perhaps in the presence of a miracle, without ever getting wet.