Exo-magnified thinking image Caps

catintinfoil.jpgAt first glance, a dot is small, one dimensional, and round. Nothing more is suggested with the naked eye. Using a microscope reveals a totally different world, every bit as real to whatever or whoever inhabits its space.

Telescopes, when focused on far away objects, magnify what also at first appears as a dot, though larger, reinforcing the notion that whatever it contains is potentially limitless. The reason why it is seen as a dot is because we are too far away to perceive anything more specific with regards to its dimensions.

Perspective, so essential to form, design, structure and art, also becomes the building block of philosophy. Its fundamental notion is: In order to think of something, there has to be someone there to think it in the first place. On the other hand, perhaps a thought created me, to think of it, looking through a telescope and microscope at the same time.

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