Cosmic Floss

Trying to explain a theory of science to a high school class at 7:30 AM is like walking blindfolded through a dense forest at night, especially when it comes to illustrating The Theory of Everything which attempts to connect all the fundamental interactions of nature using a single model. How those elemental correlations cohesively relate, remains the focus of much debate.  Often suggested by “String Theorists“, it’s the ever emerging view of a different form of cosmic construction than the standard model of particle physics, using eleven dimensions.

Mention holograms, associated with its principles, also part of the Star Trek Universe, and watch an ear or two perk up, pointed or not, perhaps even comparing the universe to a bowl of Spaghetti with or without marinara sauce, also suggesting that legendary actress Sophia Loren had an Epiphany when she was quoted as saying, “Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti.”

Another analogy is to compare the cosmic string concept to dental floss, minted green or white, with or without wax. When finished flossing, rolling it up in the palm of your hand into a ball and thinking, “Could this be a scientific model that defines the structure of the Universe?”.

“Nah”, as the used ball of floss, discarded, travels clockwise, a scientific observation in the form of a spiral as it flushes down the septic tank.