Bunny Got Blog

“You know those times when you really want to lite a fire under someone’s ass to get them moving. They just keep procrastinating.”
Bunny Got Blog

bunnygotblogA recent addition to my favorite blog list, Bunny Got Blog, is not about Bugs Bunny. It’s about life, told from a woman’s perspective, for anyone interested in her perceptions on a variety of subjects. Some include Dirty Laundry, Health, Recipes, Taking Care Of Business and Relationships. A perceptive exploration of the notions of a modern world for a twenty first century woman, also kin to my perspective of curiosity and its impact on provoking thought. Drawing attention to things that may elude most because of daily routine of distractions. It’s far less important to secure someone’s agreement then simply to motivate them to think.

Bunny Got Blog never suggests that her way is the only way. She shares her life and relationship honestly, what works, what doesn’t work for her and in so doing encourages others to realize that they too can find their own way. About today’s woman she says, “it doesn’t really matter where you come from, all that matters is making a commitment to yourself to gain the growth of experience and knowledge while you are still young and unattached.” Wise advice for men as well as women, and a testament that procrastination is indigenous to both sexes.

Bunny Got Blog, highly recommended for today’s woman, and man.