The Stand-Alone Power Assist Suit

Have you ever experienced the fantasy of possessing super strength beyond mere mortal souls’ abilities, capable of feats that transcend what is thought possible – stimulated by the rich history of the man of steel, borne to Earth in a rocket ship from the planet Krypton before it was destroyed by a thermonuclear reaction – lifting objects with ease, tossing them aside, chuckling that the laws of physics, whatever they are, have been overcome. Visualize Samson, the biblical hero, smitten by the love of seductress Delilah, led blind, adrift between the pillars of a pagan temple, using his divine strength to bring the house down among the “wanton” frenzy.

060928_powersuit_diagram_02.jpgThis is no delusion or impossible dream, besides, if ants can lift things greater than their weight, why cant you? Now, it’s all made possible by The Stand-Alone Power Assist Suit, first reported in in 2006. A worthy concept to revisit and see its evolution from inception. “A design by Mineo Ishii and a team of Japanese Engineers from the High-Tech Research Center of Japan’s Kanagawa Institute of Technology that amplifies human strength via a wearable system of a microcomputer with sensors that regulate air flow into a series of inflatable cuffs.” Now imagine what all that would sound or look like in Japanese! (see image below)

It looks a bit complicated; a lot of wires here and metal things there, reminiscent of one who has been assimilated into the Borg collective, with a smile. Notice the matching footwear. “When I wear it, I don’t feel that it’s heavy at all,” said project team member Hiroe Tsukui after stepping out of the power suit. “The sensors can tell the muscle power needed to lift an object.”

Originally designed to help nursing care workers lift patients, perhaps this could reduce the occurrence of bed sores, so prevalent in elderly patients and easily avoided by simply turning them regularly.

No further information about this product has been forthcoming which suggests it remains in developmental stage or has been abandoned for The Walk On Water Suit.

My Percepto Rating is: 5

5- Perhaps someone’s cortical node has malfunctioned
4- Assimilation is best at sunset
3- Nuts and bolts and wire, oh my!
2- Turn Of The Screw, by Henry James
1- Nanites forever
0- I wonder if it comes with matching tie.