The 44th President Of The United States

Of all the presidential campaigns I can recall, none have had the same sense of urgency and anticipation generated by the 2008 election. So much is happening all at once, profoundly effecting everyone on so many levels based solely on the choice made on November 4th. Anger directed at the Republican Party is for me an integral part of this decision.

barackobamahomeboy.gifThe Grand Old Party has done a dismal job governing in the past 8 years. Its non-regulatory approach to everything has encouraged corporate greed at the expense of the public good. Its unwavering support for the most unpopular president in American history – who has lied consistently and covertly to advance his administration’s illegitimate agenda – cannot be overlooked. This is not the same party that courageously confronted Richard Nixon in 1974 to resign or face impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate as a result of the Watergate cover up.

barack_obama00004.jpgOne argument by the Republicans lays partial blame on the Democrats since they were the majority in Congress these past two years. Even with control of both House and Senate, the Democrats have not been successful in providing the appropriate counterbalance although often, their slim lead was not sufficient to overcome partisan opposition. In this respect, the two party system failed. However, this is still not enough to distract attention from the disastrous policies of the Republicans who should not be allowed to escape the responsibility for the results of their poor leadership or economic philosophy that did not provide the proper governmental structure to monitor the private sector from committing abuses.

The Republican notion that less government is better assumes that everyone “ideally” competes fairly but also inherently recognizes and respects what is in the public interest rather than identifying loopholes to manipulate the situation for economic profit. The debate should be over how much regulation is needed and what parts of the private sector can be trusted to monitor itself, alleviating the need for government oversight.

John McCain is not George W. Bush, but as the leader of the Republican party, he still represents the same philosophy that has been a proven failure in the current administration. He offers no new solutions “outside the box”, advocating that more of the same be done under his stewardship of tax cuts and deregulation, assuming that will be enough to solve everything based on a trickle down theory. It’s difficult to believe that what McCain offers will lead to any change, let alone be adequate to address the challenges of the next four years. Age, in and of itself, should not be a factor. However, add to it the recurrence of malignant melanoma’s and the possibility that he will not outlive a four year term only emphasizes his bizarre choice of a Vice Presidential running mate.

On one hand, Barak Obama conveys passion and energy; someone moving on the crest of the wave of change. He offers a new and creative confidence that will be necessary to face some of the unknown consequences of the economic, ecological, andgeo-political realities of the Twenty First Century. Two years ago, Obama’s election would have been considered inconceivable. Now, news reports of the “Tom Bradley effect” may be at work, suggesting that voters, when in the privacy of the voting booth, might deny Mr. Obama the presidency based solely on his being black. This would be tragic and send the message that the Constitution is not as inclusive as was intended.

On the other hand, Barak Obama’s presidency would be tangible evidence that America is ready to place the public trust in an African-American based on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. An historic affirmation of what began on September 22nd, 1862, with the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln.

An Obama presidency will face some of the most complex problems since FDR: two wars, a collapse of the economic structure worldwide and ecological catastrophe that is already exhibiting global changes in the climate, just to name a few of the most notable. Hopefully he will surround himself with a diverse team of advisers and a bipartisan cabinet filled with the most seasoned experts in their fields. He will certainly need all the help he can get.

This is the most important election in American history and I support Barak Obama as the Forty Fourth President of the United States.

Vote on November 4, 2008