Making The Right Connection


An action, wish fulfillment, or hope that defines “making the right choice” can be suggestive of any subject.

Viewed as a symbol arbitrarily picked here as X, a two dimensional image that implies the point at which two “things” intersect. What those “things” are can vary infinitely. Y, if picked, is anything that X isn’t. From that perspective X is complementary, not = to Y. Logically, X = Y – X. If X represents U, then Y must be everything else that isn’t U.

Conversely, if Y is substituted for X and X = F, then Y = F(U), where U is synonymous with the Unknown. So now we ideate that Y = U2 defining the most fundamental philosophical question to be incited, YRUU?

Substituting O for R where also R = 2B then YRU, also YOU leads Us, having arrived at, URU2BU. Perhaps an answer to one of many right connections, or someones password.

X = Y – X
Conversely, if
Y = X(U) and X = F
Y = F(U) too
Y = U, the unknown, and
R= Are = is, or 2B
YRU, then substituting O for R
X = U2