Lore Of The Universe

Regardless of what philosophy one subscribes to, we are compelled at some point to consider our impressions of the laws that govern the universe. Whether privately contemplated or shared is less important than the fact that they exist diversely, individually and collectively, via philosophy, religion and science, which could not exist if there was no cosmic order: an impossibility that would preclude the development of any disciplined methodology to anything.

Perhaps an assumption, a sophist point of view in its classical sense rather than its modern interpretation, it is nevertheless hard to conclude that there is nothing out there worth knowing, another reality that could enhance knowledge if only by making life more diverse and interesting.

Although philosophers argue their point of view as correct, each way is right, for them. Perhaps knowledge will be comprehended when and if it is ready to be understood. But wait, is it possible that chaos exists within discipline? Or disorder, side by side with harmony? A dual reality? Yet another law to ponder, which comprises the Lore of the Universe.