Imperfections On The Spiritual Path

“As the lotus floats on the top of the surface of a pond,
its roots extend down, embedded within the earth,
the link between both existences moved by the current of water
balanced by solemnity.”

pinklotus72.jpgIn virtually every esoteric philosophy, there is the concept of the teacher, a sacred idea that has its roots in ancient times as the link between what is considered divine and earthly. The premise is that one who has walked the path is able to guide another who chooses a spiritual life, the purpose of which is evolution of spirit, a reflection of all that is learned throughout the course of one’s life.

When this road is taken, a transformation begins that is irreversible and includes the growth of all that is noble. However, the negative side which lurks somewhere within also increases as the counter balance. The ultimate struggle that ensues is between the divine and profane, to lay claim on the soul.

Negative traits magnify to a point of cruelty and evil that the spiritual path becomes perilous, a life that provokes personal resentments, until the nature of sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption are understood. Good and evil, each diametrically opposed yet connected, provides the necessary tension not to destroy evil but to transmute it and make it part of good, just as a lit flame causes darkness to recede by absorbing its substance to become light.

polar-lotus.jpgAt some point, the grand illusion is that attaining a greater spiritual level will lessen the struggle. In fact, it increases it. Even the teacher, also human, is fallible by his or her ability to cope with issues that become challenges to their own development. Whether this affects the guidance of the student depends on if the connection maintained remains unaffected when failing to meet the expectations of those who initially put them on the pedestal. Recognizing that, at every level, obstacles exist to reveal the spiritual conflict which provides opportunities for growth; an insight that helps when dealing with the imperfections of those on a spiritual path.