Halloween’s Curse


Rivers cross at forest dark
A deafening howl, on wind doth ride.

Of moaning creatures of the night
Hungry to feast on souls to take.

The headless horseman, a traitor’s curse
Doomed on galloping steed in haste.

A graveyard hero aglow, with spirit dance
Faceless forms of long dead lives
Emerging from unholy ground
Unmarked graves of powdered bones

Creatures foretold to haunt the wood
Like sirens call to rudderless ship
Hearkening to the yearn, lights last glimmer.

Berserk with madness, to escape ground’s prison
The play of death, Halloween’s dance.
Free, but for a night, haunting deathly hallows
Awaiting the sign of sun’s first light
To order them back to earth’s embrace.