Fool-Proof Stash for all your valuable Stashes

bank_vault_3d_wallpaper-hdImagine for a moment that perfect day, out on the town with your spouse or a paramour, perhaps sitting in a French restaurant, table for two with candles, a creamed spinach and mushroom crepe, a glass of “vin rouge” to compliment that bowl of French onion soup and an engaging conversation just between the two of you. Topics range from politics, global warming, current events, movies, recent business trips to Parisand the budget.

Once back home, it becomes quite obvious that the electronics are gone, the family jewels are missing and the house is in complete disarray. A robbery has occurred resulting in a gross violation of your privacy. This all could have been prevented without an alarm system. All that was needed was a place to hide the most valuable treasures one holds dear, a place where no one would look. Now such a place has been developed to foil even the most daring of crooks with a deviously macabre twist that would leave a lasting impression on the would-be robber.

It’s known as The Possessed Books, a unique product advertised on Nerd Approved. “It’s a series of perfectly innocent looking literary classics with one book containing a discrete sensor on the end. Whenever someone walks by, it activates the set. The center book slowly moves towards you as if its going to fall from the shelf all the while making spooky sound effects.” No one would dare touch it, let alone look inside. A perfect place to put your spare money and dazzling valuables, and its only $24.98 for a set of five.

The moving book is the treasured classic written by George Elliot, Silas Marner, a novel that was part of high school English usually scheduled at 7:00 am, Monday through Friday. A time when English literature would be “most passionate” to the average teenager. Perhaps a more appropriate title for the novel item would have been, Robert A Heinlein’s, Stranger In A Strange Land, a Hugo award winning science fiction story that tells the tale of a human raised on Mars by Martians who returns to earth culture as an young adult. Possibly Anne Of Green Gables, the beloved Canadian tale of orphan Anne Shirley growing up on Prince Edward Island, or Brideshead Revisited, The Sacred And Profane Memories Of Charles Ryder, for the British at heart. Let’s not forget Les Miserables to represent the moral philosophy that follows the year of Napoleon’s defeat. Treasure Island would be inadvisable by drawing attention to your treasures, especially for the educated crook who scans the walls to see what his victims read before cracking the wall safe.

I wonder if the Possessed Books could be hand-crafted with the title of your choice. The question is, which books would you pick to scare off intruders? Share your thoughts, comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

My Percepto rating is : 4+6 = Boo

1- Gone With The Wind
2- Turn Of The Screw
3- The Encyclopedia Mythica
4- Le Livre Sans Titre (The Book With No Title)
5- Annotated Bibliography Of Fly Fishing
6- Love Potions For The Ages