Uncovering The Tail Of Nothing

I was once a reporter for the North City Bugle, a newspaper of questionable reputation. My expertise was photography, a well chosen profession for my interest in freezing moments of past events while anticipating recording the future.

I was perched on the second floor of the library balcony, overlooking the Northern Sky the fateful night when it appeared, descending from above. It was nothing that was circular, two-sided and dark. One could only describe it as something six meters high that hovered perpendicular to the ground without movement. Every camera I used reflected nothing as I continually photographed this odd occurrence, for not even theoretical physicists could speculate on what this event meant. Stephen Hawking perhaps could have proposed some insights, although he never had the chance to examine its properties.

The following evening, I returned to the scene, hiding, as the academics and theologians left for the night, locking myself inside the edifice that had been built to surround this nothing that seemed devoid of anything. I was determined to discover and expose its secrets by obtaining evidence when no one was around to inhibit its expression or my own. I was hoping my specially designed infrared camera would be able to do what no one had previously done before and identify more than only nothing could yield.

It all began on September 23rd, just a few short years ago, appearing out of nowhere without warning or announcement. Now, in reflection, it all seems so unreal, a figment of imagination, a cruel joke of oversight and naivete that invaded our human perception, warping reality by expressing paradox, as unexpected events often motivate the self-absorbed in their own encased lives to question events as they pass them by and disappear.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous, an in-congruent set of circumstances that would leave the public questioning whether anything had in fact happened. Yet it had, and the results perhaps would shape the world in a way nothing had ever accommodated.

My nervousness slowly overtook me as I gazed into its stark blackness for hours, not knowing what to expect, then I saw it move. I gasped, trembling, questioning my sanity. How could nothing move when I saw it alter its appearance to become everything as it swallowed my surroundings, enveloping my existence in its nothingness, spitting me out the other side, forcing my senses to sway in apprehension and fear, moving me onward, convincing me that nothing happened, warping my recollection and manipulating all my actions onward to uncover its secret.

I was determined to return to this spot more prepared the next time to uncover nothing.