The Nature Of Material Being

“You know we are living in a material world” is more than lyrics from Madonna’s signature song. It is something everyone is doing, consciously or not, molded by cultural impressions and symbols. The learned connotations suggest that limits can be broken by expanding imagination. A visualized horizon realized from the wisdom learned about the material world.

How soon children adapt to their external reality while developing cognitive skills is what allows them to comprehend their surroundings by mastering talents in what has been ascribed as geniuses. Walking at 6 months, talking in complete sentences at 18 months, or writing great works of music at 36 are early reflections of what is absorbed by the five senses, as the development of physical and mental coordination proceed.

Perhaps the purpose of a material existence is to learn the laws by which physicality is governed since being part of it is undeniable while knowing the difference between what is thought to be, from what really is, enhances knowledge. Everything that isn’t corporeal probably defines the ethereal without suggesting whether there is just one spiritual reality or many with infinite levels.