Pondering Free Will

Whatever the void is, divine revelation or unanticipated existence or nothing at all, a residue must be left behind, if only as thoughts, memories impressed as the footnote of one’s life, as each one, individually unique, is part of the continuity represented by an endless string of pearls: a descriptive eastern analogy. Whatever the personal experience, its inclusion is part of a range of possibilities that we all are capable of being subjected to or creating, depending on unidentified circumstances. Respecting differences reflects the knowledge of how easy another life could become our own. A clear assessment when formulating a judgement, a basis for prejudice, is not allowed to influence the process.

Karma, the law of attraction, proposes that elements of correlating force can attract or repel each other based on the nature of the confluence of interacting energies. The magnetism initiated by the field, however defined, exerts influence on all that lie within its orbit. Perhaps thoughts also apply since they can effect outcome, though they remain very difficult to measure.

Cause and Effect generates the arc that instigates more thoughts and actions. Increased awareness of the pattern and its direction can empower one with the ability to challenge, change or reinforce the course by choice. Free will is less about control than the inner knowledge of those things that determine the way events relate by allowing consciousness within interacting energies to exert independent will. Listening to one’s resonance can reveal a reasonable path while courage allows action without needing to know the outcome.