Is It Possible To Attract Attention Doing Absolutely Nothing?

wally2.jpgsuperman_dccomics_art.jpgAssuming that one is neither incredibly attractive, grossly ugly or of public notoriety, blending into the surrounding without notice would be easy.

Perhaps fashion, its obtuseness from the boundary of usual would also turn heads. Glumbert (Timefreeze) proved that it is possible to be average, do nothing, and “encourage” people to notice you.

They had 207 people agree to freeze in whatever position they were, simultaneously for five minutes in Grand Central Station. Now what if they had an itch?

jhalliwell.jpgThe Flash and Superman only had abilities of super fast speed while time slowed for everything around them. Suppose it were feasible to freeze time, then it would theoretically be possible to exist in all places at the same time.

Only one person had the power to freeze time, for a time. She was the good witch, Piper Halliwell. A Charmed one who exerted this ability perhaps as easily as Diana Ross, when in buffoon hairstyle, held out her hand and sung, “Stop! In The Name Of Love” as the lead singer of the Supremes. However Diana Ross was never known to be a superhero or a witch.

Which makes the whole idea of freezing to see how people react as silly a way to draw attention as writing an essay about it.


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