In Defense Of Aristocracy

Members of the Aristocracy never asked to be born of nobility – a class that evolved from the respect for military prowess and competitive skill noted in many chronicles from the cradle of democracy, ancient Greece.

Over time, the meaning changed depending on society. The French viewed the aristocracy as the inheritors of elitism during their great revolution, claiming that the merits and privileges were not earned. How could they be if choice was not a factor? Being born into a wealthy family, perhaps a random selection determined by unknown factors that govern the way things happen. Predetermination, to some degree, may be at play but the expectation that the extent of its involvement could ever be known is probably an illusion since numerous factors that contribute to what may occur will never be known. Repetition, the basis of cycles, becomes the outstanding characteristic defining how things may be interpreted.

The convergent elements that contributed to the selection of humans as the dominant form of “sentient” life suggests evolution which could also contain some randomness since nothing is certain. Those that subscribe to the Theory Of Intelligent Design insist there had to be some conscious force that initiated and directs this complex process. Had different factors been at play, another form of life might have been dominant. Then they would be the Aristocracy.

The Theory Of Intelligent Design