High Definition Density

Density isn’t solely about volume and weight as set forth in Physics. Instead, Density is filled with history and character, often informed within antiquity by some noted scientists who helped build the foundation by which we understand the gravity of each situation, exploring the proportions of events through perspective.

Vitruvius, an ancient academic, in his book “De Architectura“, describes in vivid detail aspects of density, defined by scientific method and in parable. According to him, Archimedes discovered the principles of calculating Volume simply by taking a bath and dropping objects, noticing the displacement of water, presumably with a bar of soap. He chronicles how Archimedes ran through the streets naked yelling, “Eureka” from the Greek for “I found it.”

Historians question the accuracy of this story primarily because it would require precise instruments that didn’t exist at the time. It was also written two hundred years after Archimedes death.

Perhaps a humorous commentary by a highly noted Roman Architect who discussed tangentially related subjects eclectically that many modern thinkers would not define as Architecture such as Astronomy, Medicine and Meteorology. A metaphorical view of reality that tries to account for everything that touches corporeal life including intangible sensibilities. One can only wonder how dense it can be.