Finding A Solution Regardless of Experience

An evaluation of a situation from an authoritative point of view proposes that a better choice depends on more experience. A reasonable assumption that acknowledges learning as a central component that fosters successful decisions. Sometimes that is true, other times not.

ithinkthereforeiam.jpgWhatever occurs, patterns exist that can obscure the issue at hand. Regardless of experience, habits challenge the benefits afforded experience, a result of formulaic thinking. How consequences are viewed, whether good or bad, is a factor of what is felt about them based on initial impressions and the accumulation of past events. Hopefully, as time passes, experience, although difficult, often becomes the basis for future inspiration.

Solitary ideation, usually a measure of self-awareness – I think, therefore I am – must begin alone in a philosophical dialogue within the privacy of inner thoughts as interaction with the external world proceeds through life. However, unless communication with “the other” is sufficiently achieved, no new elements can be introduced and the tendency is a regurgitation of the same impressions in a circular pattern.

Sometimes an epiphany occurs, a thought that elevates the circle transforming it into the spiral. A new level by which to re-examine the struggles that appear insurmountable. When that happens, a resolution can usually be found that hasn’t yet been perceived. At the very least, more questions arise that contribute new things into the equation, stimulating a regeneration of hope that finding a solution is indeed possible.