Enlightened Transfiguration

na_sunearth.gifAwareness, the capstone that lies between two inverted pyramids, is the place where energies from the cosmic materialize if the subject defined is the physical world of “Matter”. The balance between spirit and form, joined at the point, when focused, crystallizing into something capable of being perceived by the five senses.

The capstone, urged by evolution to encompass more, expands perspective, growing larger in space, infinitely, never quite reaching everywhere, hopefully avoiding the gravitational pull Black Holes exert.

Whatever turbulence the external world extends on physical existence, any chaos created is far less than the struggle that ensues from internal conflict which can effect judgement.

Evolution suggests development of expanded Senses capable of interpreting more, enhanced if the unknown is approached without fear or doubt. From microscopic growth to macroscopic change, altering perception along the way, transforming the unknown into the known.