To Perceive the UN-Perceived: Possible?

Perhaps it depends on what one considers the “unperceived” when it becomes perceived. Classifying it based on past observations and well thought out assumptions.

Time subjects everyone to new experiences that can be absorbed selectively or ignored, usually steeped in repetition with a camouflaged clutter of unimportant facts.

A distraction at best, the task presumably is to see forest and trees with telescopic vision or microscopic precision, depending on circumstance.

When palpable, it’s a question of forging what is “felt” into something conceivable, limited only by the boundary of the physical sense or the constraints of imagination.

A tangible existence made possible by action or invention, concreting what was formally unperceived, while acknowledging it’s “being”, infinitely.


Thinking Through Assumption

The Un-Perceived