Micro Fleece Scented Nurse Hands for Newborns

The approaching birth of a baby, the reaffirmation and continuity of life is a time filled with anticipation, trepidation and preparation. The room is ready, the walls have been decorated with wall paper inspired with Disney characters. The crib, presumably tested by the FDA for dangers or hazards will be in its special spot.

When the blessed event finally arrives, your bag is ready for the hospital stay. Among your personal effects is The Zaky Infant Pillow. It’s specially designed as two disembodied hands that will provide your baby with security especially when you scent it with your special smell that will comfort the little one. Helpful when you need a break, feeling confident that you can have a long deep sleep while your child is well positioned or left with your parents for the night. “The unscented, hypo-allergenic Zaky is made with 100% anti-piling extra-soft micro fleece and micro bacterial filling and is inert to fluids. The lining is 100% polyester. It has reinforced seams and is fully washable without dis-assembly. Machine washable in warm water. Air or tumble dry on low.”

Originally designed for premature babies in neo-natal units, it is an “ergonomic pillow to provide your angel with comfort, security, support and nurturing especially when scented.” Although exactly how the Zaky is imbued with your smell is unclear. Many species mark their territory using body fluids. A reasonable premise since a large component of amniotic fluid is made up of urea. Perhaps each parent planning to use a Zaky pillow should diplomatically discuss how best to accomplish this with their child’s pediatrician along with all safety precautions.

Perhaps the pillow was inspired by Naomi Theillier de Poncheville who created “Hand-le“, the doorknob shaped as a human hand. Pregnancystore.com is no longer processing new orders at 49.95 for each hand, it’s a reasonable assumption that the Japanese will probably improve on the design possibly with movable fingers.

My Percepto Rating: 5

5- “I’m in” if it works
4- “You’re in” if it works
3- Hey, it was good enough for Uncle fester.
2- Receives a Thumb Up from Thing, so aptly portrayed by Thing T. Thing
1- A “Grrrrrrrr” from Lurch.