Defend Yourself – Knowledge Is Power


No one ever wants to be in a life or death situation, personally attacked, triggering intense shock often leading to paralysis, becoming the perfect prey, a normal reaction to this kind of uncertain situation that can occur. How to survive and escape an attack was explored in a fascinating National Geographic special, Fight Science, a documentary presenting a philosophy of self defense supported by scientific results, to give anyone a chance to ward off an attack without martial arts training.

It is all based on three principles: 1) being alert to your surroundings, 2) controlling your fear and 3) knowing the critical weaknesses of the human body. These 3 principles are the very same foundation of the Defensive Arts that developed in the East. The National Geographic documentary examines them in simple and graphical fashion, building a strong basis for responding to the approach of an unwanted opponent, measuring its effect on the attacker, physically and psychologically.

Defending yourself from a violent attack in a world of violence is justified especially if your life depends on it, a point Fight Science responsibly repeats during the special. Controlling fear, paramount in any effective defensive maneuver, can be cultivated with discipline and focus. Life could not be navigated if the ability to “tune into yourself” was not possible. The confidence built by a determined approach to discover how to be self protective in this kind of situation is an empowering thought worth considering, trusting that your sound judgment instinctively takes over and tells you that your life is truly in danger, warranting a quick and directed response to do as much damage to your attacker as possible in an attempt to escape.

Knowing the body’s critical weaknesses provides a way to deflect and provide time to escape. A properly delivered counter-attack to an opponent’s weak spot to slow or nullify aggression is a preferable response than paralysis and failing to act, that could lead to serious effects and potential death. Life is then reduced to its most instinctual level where the person attacked chooses not to become the prey, a deliberate choice.

A number of physical weaknesses are identified in this informative special. Some, like the eyes, are obvious. Others like the ears are not. Reasonable blows using the palms of the hand to each ear can be enough to puncture an aggressor’s eardrum causing severe pain and the disorientation needed to escape. This is just some of the information gleamed from Fight Science – The secrets of Self Defense.

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