Astro-physically Speaking

0221a.jpgThe only scientifically valid observation about Black Holes that can be made with relative certainty is their existence. However, all further knowledge about them is obtained indirectly. Once trapped by the gravitational pull past the event horizon and entry beyond its rim, nothing including light or thought can escape. So we are left with an unknown “something” suggested by an absence of “anything” that one can interpret, for lack of better word as, “nought”.

Perhaps scientists are more qualified to comment about the containment of “nothing”, describing it “as round, sometimes rotating, other times not”, proposing scientific assumptions and hypothesis’s be held more valid than philosophers, poets or writers.

No advantage should be assumed since science acknowledges the impossibility of direct observation of what has been called, “singularities”, and returning to report its findings to the academic world. Recognizing that here, “nothing” is “something” which cannot be characterized or quantified. Although, poetically speaking, thought about its inner composition can suggest “anything” about the void, limited only by one’s ability to envision infinite possibilities.