Articulating An Answer For Everything

If there is an answer for EVERYTHING, what would it take to KNOW IT?


The term “everything” encompasses anything that exists, including things not known that are never-the-less perceivable. All an assumption alluding to the impressed acceptance of whatever is believed possible.

A formula for “everything” could work here, if the factors involved are represented generically, perhaps optimizing infinite potential effects or causes. Using a conceptualized theory of quantum physics, “for any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Choice determines which outcome will follow, where all possibilities that can happen, do happen in another reality.”

Any attempt to order possibilities, by proving what isn’t plausible, is a reasonable goal, assuming the proof is deemed acceptable, if only to rule out its participation as something, always questioning what makes this reality different from all other realities.

Curiously thoughtful of the the answer, perhaps it’s the reality in which I’m articulating the question.