A significant moment in history

contemporary_art_blog.pngAs the Great War of the Twentieth Century and its generation pass from contemporary history, the post war period is increasingly becoming the oldest boundary that lay claim to living participants.

Inspired by the developing civil rights movement, the generation who aggressively challenged the establishment and their parents’ complacency over the Vietnam War, youth filled with liberalism throughout college campuses are now grandparents approaching retirement.

obamahopeposter.jpgThose who were the first heirs to the new technology of Television, the catalyst to unify and cement their cultural identity in a way never before seen stand poised, facing participation in the election of the first Afro-American to the Presidency.

A remarkable evolution of events to occur in a lifetime. Many seeds planted during the turbulent counterculture of the sixties are now growing, yielding social and political realities inconceivable a half century ago. A testament to change, made possible with patience and vigilance adhered to and education allowed to proceed, presenting younger generations with opportunity to grow without the prejudices held by their parents.


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