The Philosophy of Bobbymac Revealed


“It has just the right blend of effects, drama, but most importantly asks us to ponder, the implications of our actions, or how we balance our fear of the unknown with the moral and ethical decisions that might arise from a hypothetical situation.”

Memory is often affected by the things that stand out at the moment, isolated yet connected photo images of experience forming patterns, whether conscious, in dreams, or a prelude to fantasy etched into a record retained somewhere in a retrievable place. Filed in order of occurrence, sequentially to make sense. Forced to question actions taken if consequences leave painful etchings, thus becoming a mirror that can mock its reflection and affect future choice.

Fear, uncertainty’s heir, develops depending on how unanticipated events motivate attitudes to focus on courageous choices that lead toward successful outcomes or failures. Consuming thought with guilt and conflict, the result of which is lack of self trust. Yet in optimal situations, the danger of succeeding, is pride.

Balance if present when solemnity is perceived and incorporated as anticipation adds drama to daunting challenges, unknown events come out of nowhere and threaten the best intentions by distorting their path, resulting in unintended consequences.

Ethical conflicts grow into moral dilemmas, reflecting aspects of conflicting emotions forcing a resolution that perhaps retains unsatisfactory elements that impact on the blend of effects. Future encounters unsettled with discontent, apathy and procrastination, lead the path to anger.

If expectations are realistic, interpretation of results will lend reason that containment of possibilities are infinite depending on the confluence of coinciding combinations of events and the unknown that can be visioned successfully with the presence of uncertainty, resolved that self-confidence leads to the best choice.

On Being An Ethical Person