The Key To All Knowledge And Wisdom


Approaching the unknown with self confidence defines security. Uncertainty, no longer a threat, becomes a challenge.

Revealing something new, a source of encouragement and mastery.

Like a child absorbing, adapting and learning.

Motivated by CURIOSITY, the key to all knowledge & wisdom.


Worthy words to wear on your chest! Appropriately, it is also the slogan and philosophy for Eclectic Commons!Today, July 1st, we decided to arbitrarily make this a milestone celebration day for all the staff at Eclectic Commons. All the incredible hard work done non-stop in the last months by all the staff has contributed to an unprecedented increase in the number of regular readers of this blog and our overall traffic and worldwide reach. So today, in recognition of our small and dedicated staff, our worldwide supporters and fans and in particular our loyal readers and fans, we are taking a moment to mark the following:– 639 days since this blog first post (reflections on my shadow) or 1 year, 9 months, which is more or less 55,209,600 seconds or 920,160 minutes or 15,336 hours for those hourly workers and readers, or 91 weeks
– this is our 312th post!
Thanks for the support, for the work, for the contributions, for the comments, for the loyalty and ultimately for the creative curiosity…Your support is invaluable! If you choose so, you may take a look at some of the other products we have for sale and purchase something that strikes or resonates with your own creative curiosity. Any sale helps support, manage and run this blog and keep it free. Thanks again for any and all your patronage.