Solving The Ecological Crisis Of Global Warming Using A Dynamic Mode Converter

steeltrees.jpgIn the 1990’s, a trend of published books asked the question: “What would ’some iconic named person’ do on any given subject?” The list ranged from real to fictional characters – Jesus, Jackie, Buddah, Buffy, Wonder Woman, Jefferson, Franklin, Murphy Brown, Audrey Hepburn and MacGyver, just to name a few. One could only wonder what the man who wrote “Pressure Variances On The IRC Storage” do with advancing research and development of new energy sources, or global warming. Perhaps his ’skills’ would be helpful, possibly inspired by Freeman Dyson, noted theoretical physicist, mathematician and expert in quantum mechanics.

He first reasoned in a 1959 paper, published in the journal Science entitled ‘Search For Artificial Stellar Sources Of Infra-Red Radiation‘, “that every human technological society has consistently increased its demand for energy. futurecities.jpgIf civilization were to survive long enough, there would come a time when it required the total energy output of a star.” Thus, he proposed a system of orbiting structures designed to intercept, collect and harvest all energy produced by the sun. Although scientific thought concedes it unlikely if not impractical, some of his design concepts do not require major breakthroughs in science or technology. They remain implausible based on current economics.

This raises the question, “how would the man who is best known for devising a regenerative source of power by pulling energy from phase inducers, connecting them to the emitter array through auxiliary systems, providing a safe clean method to contain energy output by locking it into a diagnostic cycle, boosting the flow so that the original pattern wouldn’t degrade”, deal with the current energy crisis or the increase in green house gases.

What would Scotty do?