iMac Feng Shui

overview-hero.jpgI have just recently purchased my sparkling new iMac from the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue and 59th street in New York. “A sleek design with an all-in-one concept from processor to video camera encased in an ‘anodized’ aluminum frame.” A metallurgic-ally appropriate way to describe “a method of plating metals to prevent corrosion and abrasion, providing sealing, electrical insulation, thermal control, while improving paint adhesion with a decorative finish.” Apt words by Apple to elucidate the “thing” that could enhance my understanding of Feng Shui by allowing me to access Cyberspace with an Intel chip enabling OSX and Windows on one machine. A comforting thought considered an alternate reality, a few short years ago.

img_5044.JPGThe store’s outer appearance, shaped like a Borg Cube, efficiently processing consumers as they descend down the crystalline staircase, conveniently open 24/7/365. A large space with long tables in neatly ordered rows with products to evoke imagination. A perfect way to access the throngs of potential buyers seeking assimilation into an ordered way of life enhanced by Apple design with new outlets as technology expands logarithmically.

As I unpacked the treasured iMac and carefully arranged it on my desk next to a previous apple desktop model without the Intel chip, I wondered if I had properly interpreted the Qi. The rectangular shape, 20 inch screen, wireless connection that should help define my goals effortlessly while avoiding those messy cables. However what should I do with the old machine? It interfered with the energy I sensed necessary for harmony. Too many computers in one room could be quite disconcerting to someone with an average IQ not prepared for multiple connections, upsetting the Qi. After all I thought, I’m no Q.

Unfortunately, I forgot where I put the disks that came with the original Apple, preventing me from removing the files before discarding. Perhaps deluding myself into thinking I had created order from chaos when in fact I had lost the Feng Shui long ago by not placing the disks in a assessable location that could be remembered.


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